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Why you need solar power

If you’ve opened up your energy bill and got a shock, you definitely need solar power. It seems no amount of energy saving tricks and gadgets will keep bills down. That’s why you need one of Energy Smart’s high-quality and efficient solar panel systems that pay for themselves in three to six years. Yes, they actually pay for themselves! Here’s more great reasons why you need solar power:

Prices are rising and they aren’t going to stop

We are now paying over double for electricity than we did in 2003 (Australian Bureau of Statistics). According to the Australian Energy Market Commission’s 2013 report into Residential Price Trends, national electricity prices will rise by an average of 1.2% a year for the next three years at the very least! Do you really want to pay more for electricity if you don’t actually have to?

Installing solar panels helps you beat price rises by offsetting your power from the grid with power from the sun. When the sun shines, you are saving money on power bills. With a large enough system, you may never have to pay another electricity bill again! Want to know more? Get a quote here.

Energy Smart takes care of everything

We know that purchasing solar panels and inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly? Energy Smart takes care of all your concerns promptly and professionally.

Take advantage of government rebates

State, Territory and Federal Governments have set themselves renewable energy targets and offer rebates to home owners and businesses to help achieve them. Buying a solar energy system will dramatically reduce your initial cost and increase the profitability of your long-term investment. In some cases, you’re paid credits for each megawatt your system produces over the next fifteen years. Find out how with a free quote!

Improves your property value

According to the US National Bureau of Economic Research 2011 study, installing a solar panel increases your property’s value by about 3.5%. Prospective buyers will jump at the chance to buy a house that comes with smaller power bills than others living on the grid. Solar panels aren’t just an investment for yourself, but your house, office or business.

Helps the environment

Every kilowatt you don’t take out of the electricity grid means a reduction in carbon emissions. If we want a cleaner, greener future, solar panels are the way to go. By reducing your own dependency on greenhouse gases, you are not only saving money, but the environment of your friends, family and colleagues.

Why not find out more? Click here to get your FREE, obligation-free quote. It only takes 30 seconds.

Solar energy is more than an alternative source of energy. It also comes with a number of benefits that can make a marked difference in the way you live.

Solar Saves You Money

Using solar energy instead of electrical power from the grid can make for huge savings. Even if you convert only some of you power sources to solar energy, you will save money each month on your electric bill. And while coal and other power sources see rising prices, the cost of silicon used in solar panels is actually decreasing.

Solar Power is Free

After you have paid for the initial costs of your solar power system, you will be enjoying free power for as long as you have the system. That’s money in your pocket every month, and if you are producing more solar power than you can use, you may find a credit on your electricity bill. Just think of how much money you can save during your solar power system’s life.

Solar Energy is Renewable Energy– When you use power from the sun, you are tapping into an unlimited supply. Traditional power supplies often use resources that will eventually be used up and can harm the Earth while being used. Solar energy is completely natural, produces no harmful emissions and will never run out.

Change to Solar Today– When you shop for a solar power system from us, we make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Using current satellite imagery, we can look at your house and determine what kind of solar panel system you require. Then we can give you a free quote on the spot.

We also streamline all the required paperwork and installation. If you want your system connected back into the power grid, we can do that for you as well, handling all communication with the electric company.

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