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The world we live in today has been structured in a way that favors the safe and predictable path. Risk taking is avoided, or worse, shunned. Security and certainty drive the very core of day-to-day decision-making. When risks are taken, they are taken with a tenacious measurability, to ensure a soft landing should the tides turn in an unwanted direction.

In this way, the foundation of our world, both social and economic, is maintained. It doesnt matter if this is the way is should be, it simply is the way it isWith this in mind, how can a Renewable Energy Revolution unfold?

The cost of energy from renewable sources must be at least comparable to, if not less expensive than, current sources. Simply put, most people will not incur more out-of-pocket expenses to save the world. Over time, renewable energy sources must become less expensive than fossil fuels.

People’s lives are driven by purpose and meaning. These things make up the engine that creates opportunities, that pushes the economy forward. Without purpose and meaning, prosperity and abundance would most likely cease to exist. As the world changes and adjusts to a life without fossil fuels, then the core makeup of our way of life must remain unchanged.

It has the potential to be altered, and we should ensure it is not. We’ve created a fabulous economic mechanism over hundreds, if not, thousands, of years. Creating clean renewable energy has the potential to increase, and even heighten, the potential of that economic system.

Now more than ever, it is extremely vital to practice the utmost integrity while working to replace classic conventional energy mechanisms with clean renewable technologies. We don’t have to hold our breath and wait for clean renewable energy; it’s happening now. Over time, we have consistently displayed our ability to tap into the natural resources around us. As time progresses, we have the potential to continue down this track, pushing further and further away from the finite resources that are hindering our futures.

It isn’t widely known, but renewable energy ideas started forming back in the late sixties. This was forty years ago. Now, that topic of conversation is growing, and opportunities in the energy sector are presenting themselves in a multitude of ways. Looking across the Solar Panels Canberra spectrum of what’s happening in our modern world, you’ll find that clean renewable energy isn’t a future event it’s here all around us. It’s today. Now.

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