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Solar energy is the new future. More people are adding solar panels to their home, and for good reason! Solar power can help reduce your electric bill as much as 70%. Your household’s carbon footprint would also be significantly lower with solar power.

When considering installing solar panels, you should turn to solar power installers in Phoenix. It is safer for a professional to install your solar panels for you. Simply Solar of Arizona, a licensed solar installation contractor located in Phoenix and Tucson, is a good place to start because they have complete solution from design to solar power installers who can help you with your needs. Simply Solars solar power installers Phoenix know the local ordinances and laws regarding solar panels and installation.

If you are in the city limits, there will likely be some municipal codes that would bar you from installing a solar panel without getting a building permit. By going through Simply Solar of Arizona’s solar power installers Phoenix, you can be at ease that all of the little details will be taken care of and there’s no worry about potential legal issues. There is nothing more disheartening than to start installing a solar energy system, just to find out that you are in violation of a code and might be facing a fine.

Legality aside, there is also electrical work involved when installing solar panels and it is a good idea to have a certified electrician hook up the solar panels to the circuit panel for the house. Simply Solar has a staff of professional electricians and roofers that are experienced with PV panel installation. They are able to install a PV system in your home.

If you aren’t ready yet financially or are unable to pay the upfront cost of owning a solar power system in your home, there is the option of leasing. Solar leases are flexible when it comes to down payment options. The monthly payments are low and fixed; they don’t increase over time. You also get an installation warranty and insurance for the system.

Even if you aren’t able to afford the upfront cost, Simply Solar wants to give you an opportunity to add a solar energy system to your house.

Contact simply Solar Panels Canberra and they will send a qualified estimator out to your home for a free quote. Once youre on board, well send solar power installers Phoenix your way, to help you pave your way towards a greener and more affordable future.

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