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Ardenham Energy offers a full solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal design and installation service to customers throughout the country, with offices in the South, South West, Midlands, East Anglia and the North. Our customers like the security of dealing with a nationwide company, while having the reassurance of a local project management team.

Now there is finally clarity over the Feed In Tariff following the confusion of the past few months, we are glad to be able to reassure our customers that the returns from investing in photovoltaic solar panels are as great, if not better than a year ago! This may sound crazy given the FIT rate was reduced to 21p per unit in March, but the fall in the price of solar PV panels over the last year has meant that returns of 10% or more are still possible far better than any bank or building society can offer.

This is no short-lived return either payments from the FIT are tax-free, indexed-linked and guaranteed by the government for 25 years. To find out just how much you could expect to earn from installing solar PV panels on your roof, click here. One of the changes to the FIT was that from the 1stApril 2012 your home will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating EPC of level D or above in order to receive the full feed-in tariff. While whether they can meet this requirement will be a mystery to many people, it is estimated that around half of UK homes meet grade D already, and if yours isn’t one of them, reaching this level could be as simple as adding 10cm of loft insulation.

It is also worth knowing that photovoltaic solar panel system will count as one point so if your house is currently level E, installing a solar PV panels should get you to level D. All of Ardenham Energy’s surveyors are certified EPC inspectors and will carry out a free EPC inspection as part of your site survey. Ardenham Energyspecialise in bespoke solar PV panelsolutions rather than just standardised photovoltaic solar panel installations. Shading management is one of our strengths, and our experience and the technology we use mean that we are able to offer solutions for sites most other installers would consider too difficult for solar PV panels.

Furthermore, Solar Panels Tasmania is able to offer technical solutions such as back-up power, voltage management and off-grid solar PV panel systems that most of our competitors can not.

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