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Are you looking for the best ways to generate clean and renewable electricity? Here at Powerpac, we continually asses and use the best solar panel vendors who provide the latest technology to do just that.

We are continually committing our resources to installing solar panels in the Perth area. As a local team of highly accredited individuals, we know at first hand the local area and the climate in order to advise you on the most optimal solar power systems for your home.

If you are new to solar panel technology, you will soon come to learn that there are primarily two types of Solar systems you need to be researching:

As the technologies surrounding the use of photovoltaics (arrays of cells containing a material that converts solar radiation) improve, we are likely to see a much greater, widespread use of solar cells. Some installations combine both solar hot water panels with solar electricity panels, helping to provide reduced energy costs whilst harnessing a renewable and clean source of energy.

Solar electricity panels
Solar cells are a very useful way of providing additional electricity to personal homes or commercial property in order to reduce long term costs (the amount paid to energy providers). Solar electricity panels can also be installed so the property owner can sell electricity back to the National Grid in order to make a return on investment.

As a direct result of space technology and the increasing efficiency of solar panel technology, the use of solar electricity in the home and on commercial property is now a viable option to help reduce energy bills.

With the implementation of enough Solar Panels it is possible for a household to generate 100% of its electricity requirements from solar energy, though the average home owner is more likely to opt for a 50/50 usage split.

Solar hot water panels
The use of solar hot water panels to heat water is fast becoming an increasingly popular option around the world due to the cost savings benefits.

Although it doesn’t sound like much, some of the better systems are able to provide around a third of a home’s hot water and reduce energy and heating costs by a considerable amount.

As experts in the field of Solar Technology, we know that Solar Panels Perth integration is key to the success of any solar electricity system.

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