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A Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, published by Blackwell Synergy, is soliciting abstracts in the area of greenhouse gas management and the biosphere. Papers will be peer reviewed by the Journal.

Detailed Information:
The use of the biosphere is becoming increasingly important for countries who are attempting to manage their greenhouse gas emissions. This can create an opportunity for the agricultural and forestry sectors, however it increases the complexity of both management and policy decisions. Whether or not the biosphere will be utilized to address this concern will depend on a number of factors. This special issue of the journal is seeking empirical papers that investigate the barriers and opportunities for this development from an individual, policy, and regional dimension. Possible general topics to be included, but not limited to, are:

Institutional development
Policy alternatives for agriculture and forestry sectors
Legal dimensions of both domestic and international greenhouse gas management
Agriculture and forest producer incentives to management for carbon
Opportunities for changes in management practices in forestry and agriculture
Rural impacts of greenhouse gas management
Potential for bioproducts and bioprocesses in energy and greenhouse gas management
Regional impacts of landscape change from greenhouse gas management
Integrating environmental, forestry and agricultural policy over time
Aboriginal, producer, and Solar Australia final emitter perspectives of greenhouse gas management policies.

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