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No home owner enjoys the paperwork that comes with the responsibility of owning a home. So when it comes to upgrading the energy systems in a home, Simply Solar of Arizona and their team of expert solar installers in Glendale AZ are only happy to take charge and prepare all of the documentation necessary for newly installed PV solar systems to be fully within Glendales Building and Safety Codes.

Like all cities in Arizona looking out for the welfare of its citizens, Glendale has a specific process for obtaining authorization to install a new PV solar energy system on a homes rooftop that requires pulling all the right building and electrical permits. Because Solar Installers in Glendale AZ hired by Simply Solar are so well trained and detail oriented, they save their residential clients time and money by handling all the ins and outs of the permitting process.

Any homeowner who fancies himself a do-it-yourselfer and is considering doing a solar installation job himself should realize that if they make a mistake in the permitting process and miss something out of inexperience, their job will actually cost them more time and more money than they anticipated. But by letting Simply Solars professional solar installers in Glendale AZ handle the entire process, from permitting through final inspection, they are guaranteed a job that is within budget with no nasty surprises, delays or city fines.

And the benefits of exchanging traditional fossil fuel gas or electric energy systems in a home for an efficient Simply Solar PV system are amazing. Energy costs can be reduced by as much as 70% the first year, in addition to greatly reducing the households pollution impact on the surrounding environment since solar energy is clean and green! After handling all the details and paperwork of the permitting process, which can happen in as little as two weeks, Simply Solar solar installers in Glendale AZ get to work and usually complete the installation project in an average of between 2 to 5 days depending upon the projects complexity. Residential customers give Simply Solar and its team of solar installers high marks for making the entire process, from permitting through installation, quick and easy.

Ready to take the next step? Click the Free Consultation button to the right and simply Solar Panels Melbourne will set up an appointment to show you exactly how you can benefit from Solar installed on your home in Glendale, AZ. Its free and there is no obligation!

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