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We want to help you identify and receive the solar panel system that fits your needs, property and budget and make sure you’re happy and understand every stage of the process. We outline the basics here to help you understand how you can install panels on your property:

Initial Telephone Survey
We often conduct initial surveys via aerial imagery using Google maps and through a phone consultation to ensure your property is likely to be suitable. Information that will help us determine suitability includes the direction the roofs face, likelihood of shading on the roof and listed building status. It can sometimes seem quite complicated, but we are experienced at helping simplify the process and are happy to offer as much no-obligation advice as you may want.

Onsite Survey
We will follow up the initial phone consultation with a physical survey of the property. To complete the physical survey, we will require access to the loft if there is one. It is helpful for us to view the electrical consumer unit (fuse box) and your electricity bills to have an idea how much electricity you currently use and offer you an idea how much you would save with a solar panel installation. We may be able to offer you an estimate during this survey, though this is not always possible.

Your Quote
If you are still interested purchasing a system, we will draw up and send you a detailed quote for the solar panel installation. The quote will contain information on what panels we would use, the layout on your property, an estimate of the amount of electricity you would generate and the annual return on investment and payback period.

At this stage, on systems up to 4 kW (16Amp) single phase or 10kW 3 phase we do not need to get permission for the installation from your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). On systems over 4kW or 16 Amp/phase, we will need permission to connect and will apply for this for you.

The Solar Panel Installation
If you decide you would like to go ahead with the solar panel installation, we will set an installation date aiming for 2 weeks in the future on domestic systems and about 8 weeks for larger systems. Installations on a domestic system will take 1-2 days to complete. Scaffolding will be erected prior to the job starting and dismantled soon after job completion. We will need access to the full site throughout the installation.

Follow up and paperwork
As part of our installation we will complete all the necessary paperwork, including Feed-in Tariff forms. We will also be Solar Panels Perth in touch after your installation to make sure you are happy and that everything is working smoothly.

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