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There has been a sudden growth in the number of Australians switching to solar in Perth and it deserves all the praise it has been getting. Solar has a lot of benefits which includes saving you a lot on electricity bills to being environmentally safe. Various schemes and incentives have been created to help the locals make the switch to solar.
For a new buyer, the number of options available might confuse you but this article will help with plenty of information about solar installation Perth.
Solar Photovoltaic Panels
Solar panels use energy from the sun to produce electricity which is done quietly and is a clean form of energy. Solar panels are usually installed on the roofs of businesses and homes and the conversion of the sun’s energy into usable form of electricity takes place in cells of specially made crystals.
Solar panels don’t produce electricity constantly but they do it when it is most needed which is usually during the day and during hot sunny periods when we need power the most as we operate everyday appliances in addition to using electric fans and air-conditioners.
A great plus point when using small-scale solar is that it generates electricity in areas which need them most that is where people live and go to work. This means there is no need to transport energy over long distances using costly electrical mechanisms
Quality of the Solar Panels
The Clean Energy council is the chief body for renewable energy in Australia and they have an important role to play in guaranteeing that the country’s solar industry is of high quality and is reliable and safe to use.
Along with looking after solar policy and promotional work, they also look after a couple of schemes which help to maximise product and service standards in the solar energy industry.
These include the following:
• Ensuring installers and designers have the proper accreditation to install and repair safe and reliable solar panel systems.
• Products that are industry approved. They only have a list of inverters and panels that meet Australian Standards which is one of the main requirements for a solar panel to be sold here.
• The council also works in tandem with other businesses which are in charge of the safety and regulation of the country’s solar power industry which include a wide number of state electrical parties.
Close to 2 million solar panels were installed all across the country and by the end of 2014 more than 10,000 businesses had installed a solar power system. Small scale solar panels made up more than 15% of Australia’s clean energy production.
Is Solar Australia’s future?
The future of solar in Australia is assured. Even without factors such as the reduced cost of solar power systems, rising electricity prices and government incentives, solar is still a great alternative to current energy sources. In 2012, the Australian Energy technology assessment estimated that solar power would be one of the cheapest among all renewable energy sources by the end of that decade.
The important thing to keep in mind is that Australia is one of the sunniest places on the planet making it an ideal location to use solar PV panels which can make the electricity generation of the coming years a better one.
Solar panel systems are available in Perth and in many other states across Australia. The government has been introducing various discounts and tariff schemes to encourage more people to make the switch.

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