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Earth gets an abundant amount of energy from the sun in the form of light and heat. Our sun has been around and shining for more than 2 billion years. Its energy is crucial to sustain and continue life on our planet.
The amount of energy we get on one day is adequate to satisfy our energy needs for a year. The quantity of solar energy hitting our planet over a three day timeframe is equal to the whole energy stockpile in our non-renewable energy sources. Solar energy installation is a big process so it’s vital that you know the inside out of how it all works.
Solar energy an abundant form of natural resource which is also free yet it is only recently that the ability to harness its full potential came to light. Although it was thought of as a valuable energy source in the past, it was always neglected due to the popularity and availability of fossil fuels. Over the last few years, there has been growing demands for a cleaner energy form and the declining rate of fossil fuels was another concern. This has made us look at other alternative energy options and solar is currently on the top of that list.
When you shop around for solar power panels, you are likely to think about your options and wonder if you should opt for a cheaper or an expensive system or which one of the two would be a better investment? The important thing to think about is how much for solar panels?
More often than not, new customers will make a quick decision and go for the least expensive one thinking more about the price rather than the energy output and input and the benefits associated. However it is vital to really think and take a decision before going ahead as it’s quite a big one.
In order to figure out which system is best, you’ll need to think about:
• How much you are willing to spend on a system?
• The amount of roof space available on the property?
• The amount of power generated and the amount used?
• Do you prefer high or low quality solar panel components?
• What you expect from your installers? On the day and after the installation?
Just like buying a car, solar panels are usually what you pay for. It’s important to realise that the cheapest system might not always be the best option whilst going for the most expensive system may be too much for what you need. It’s important to strike a balance and go for a system that cost-effective, reliable and will save you money. As there are a lot of options currently available, it has become easier to choose one that will fit in with your requirements. It might be time-consuming but it is an essential step to ensure you buy the ideal system.
The key reasons for the current prices of these products are due to:
Solar Panels
This will hugely impact your overall cost. There are two main types of solar panels: thin-film and crystalline with the second one being the more expensive option.
Not a lot of importance is given to these but in fact these play a vital role in the solar system’s function. The inverter is the component that connects your solar system to your house. So this is one part where you will need to make important decisions.
Solar Controllers
This depends on every individual’s preference. Factors to think about are price, brand, warranty and various other aspects such as the make and model.
Solar batteries
Batteries are an important component for solar power systems. Like solar panels, these also have many options and each with their own set of pros and cons.

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