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Over the recent past, solar panels have been growing in popularity all across Australia, especially in Melbourne. Residents have warmed up to the fact that this technology will help them to save thousands of dollars on electricity bills whilst also helping to power the whole house at the same time. The other factor which has helped them to make this decision is that solar is also a cleaner form of energy which means installing one in your property won’t cause any harmful emissions or pollute the environment in any way.
Read below to find out all about Melbourne solar panels.
Solar power is a renewable source of energy because the technology used to change the sun’s energy into a usable form of electricity does not emit any toxic products like carbon dioxide or other pollution causing substances. This means that when solar energy is used as a power source, we won’t be causing any harm to our planet.
The main drawback is that the sun is only around for a particular time and when it gets dark or during a storm, we won’t get as much as sun as compared to on a sunny day. This makes solar energy unreliable.
Solar cells
These are devices that change light into electrical energy. These specially designed cells contain semi-conductors which help with the energy flow. Small solar cells are usually found in mobile phones and calculators. The bigger ones are used to help control road signs whilst extremely large ones are used to power satellites in the orbit around the Earth.
Solar panels
A solar power system is unlike a solar cell. These do not create electricity right away. Instead their working method is a little different. They heat up water and a pump is used to push icy water from the tank below in through the solar panel pipes. The water gets heated by the sun’s heat and is sent back into the tank. Solar panels are usually placed on the roof of a house to ensure they receive the maximum amount of sunlight.
The basics of a solar panel system
Solar panels, also known as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, utilise sunlight to produce electricity.
A classic 1.5 kilowatt solar panel system installed in Melbourne will create about a third of an average home’s energy usage. This will help to lessen your electricity use but you will still need to get the remaining from your state’s local electricity grid.
Sometimes your system might produce more electricity than what is needed. Say, for example there is no one at home but it’s a bright sunny day and the system is generating a lot of electricity. This means since no one is utilising the energy that is being produced, the energy consumption is low and your system is producing excess electricity. You will be eligible to receive financial returns through sending excess electricity back into the grid.
How much electricity your solar panels generate depends on many different factors and some of these include the climate, the size of the panels, the angle and if they are installed on a north-facing roof. It is important that you think about all these factors when you think about purchasing the best solar panels.
Before finalising you big purchase, make sure you
• Go over the contract thoroughly and ensure that all the details and terms match what was discussed.
• Confirm details like delivery date, installation date and other essentials are mentioned clearly. If not, always ask prior to signing.
• Are familiar with the warranty conditions.
• Discuss the payment terms such as does it require a deposit, can they be paid in instalments?
There are solar panels available in all the states across Australia and this looks like it will continue to grow. All these states offer incentives and discounts for residents who make the switch which encourages more people to do so. There has never been a better to make the switch than now.

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