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Solar energy is energy that is created from the sunlight and heat of the sun. The power from the sun is captured when energy is converted into electricity.
Over the past couple of years there has been a tremendous growth in the number of Australians switching to solar. Read below to find out more including the solar panels Canberra cost
There are now two key types of solar energy types:
• Photovoltaic or PV: this is the process where sunlight directly changes into electricity using photovoltaic cells. PV systems can be connected on rooftops, moulded into existing architecture or even automobiles.
Research and development into use of off grid and on-grid applications has been progressing well. There is continuous growth in the solar energy technology where every day new innovations are thought of and being explored.
• Thermal: These change the light energy into useable form such as heat. Many thermal systems use solar energy for warming water or to heat up spaces. Nevertheless this heat energy can be used to run a cooling cycle to power solar based cooling systems. This energy has been used to make steam which then helps to generate electricity through use of steam turbines. Usually it is more effective to use solar thermal generators on a larger scale, usually between ten to hundred megawatts.
How is this energy source utilised in our country?
Australia is home to abundant sunshine and the highest solar emission per square metre compared to anywhere else in the world.
More than 2 million houses in Australia use solar panel systems to power their everyday machines. The distribution of huge scale solar electricity system is still in its early stage.
Solar power is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly source of energy out there. It can help power business, home or community building. It has become considerable cheaper over the past few years and the benefits of installing one are numerous. You continue to save a lot on electricity bills and after a certain period, the solar system will have paid for itself. Solar energy will one day become the main source of renewable green energy for Australia’s future generation.
With improvements in technology, the solar panels are becoming smaller in size and lot more affordable and their visual aesthetics are lot more improved. There are many government energy incentives and rebates helping Australians to make the switch to solar more easily and reducing the overall costs of the initial installation.
The two key types of solar systems include off grid and those that are grid connected. With a business or residential system, your property will still be connected to the main power supply so it is not necessary to use a battery to store any excess power. A grid connected system makes sure you have electricity at all times. It is not dependent on the weather conditions around you.
A solar panel system that is off grid is installed completely away from the main power and uses a battery which stores excess electricity generated by the panels. Off grid panels are mainly common in rural areas where there is a lack of main power grids and if they are available, they are quite expensive.
Shopping for a solar power system can be an exciting time for a lot of people but as is the case with a lot of investments, it is important that you do thorough research before moving forward. There are many dishonest parties that try to sell you something that looks like the real thing but doesn’t do half as much as they promised.

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