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Solar energy has been quite popular in Australia in the recent times and rightly so. Making the big switch can be a great benefit as you get to save a lot of energy bills, produce clean energy that is not only good for your but also the environment and ultimately the planet. With the increased popularity of solar panel systems come many different companies trying to market their products as the best. So it might be confusing for the first time buyer. Read below to find out all about solar system Canberra.
How does it all work?
In order for the best efficiency possible, solar panels should be placed at an angle. Solar panels on businesses and roofs produce clean electricity by changing the sun’s energy to a usable form of energy. This occurs within the interior modules which are made up of special materials. The process is quite simple therefore does not require any moving parts. Typically an inverter connects the solar panels to the main power supply system.
A solar system differs from solar hot water systems which are also set up on roof tops but instead utilize the sun’s heat to supply hot water for household use.
This idea to change sunlight into electricity was created in the 19th century; however it was during the latter part of the 20th century that this accelerated as there was an increased requirement to provide supplies to people living in remote locations.
People have been installing solar on rooftops since the 1970s. At the moment there are more than 1 million solar panels delivering clean electricity to many locations around Australia.
When you decide to buy a solar system, it is vital that you get in touch with as many retailers as possible and get many quotes. This can help you to compare the best offers and make a good decision.
An in-depth look at the solar market
The key parties involved in the sale and installation of solar PV are the designer, retailer and installer. These roles are undertaken by one person at certain times, which is usually the case with small energy retailers managed by qualified designer/installers. However sometimes two or three parties can be involved as well. Many energy retailers now sell the solar system directly to consumers without any middle man involved
There are a few things to think about before you make the big switch.
Can the installer and company be trusted?
As soon as you choose a solar installation company, make sure you go for on with a good status and excellent work ethic.
Enquire about the chosen company and find out how long they have been in the business for and if they have a good reputation. Keep in mind that things like warranties and written contracts become null if the company goes out of business.
Get in touch with a few of the customers and ask them if they were easy to work with and about their knowledge in the industry, how they work and if they were good with solving problems.
Solar retailers who sell their equipment online can have trouble suggesting the best equipment without an onsite analysis. It’s always better to organize a face to face meeting where both you and the installer can talk and agree on the best possible choice.
Does the installer have adequate experience?
It is important that you choose installers with ample experience and skill in installing a complete system. Things to consider are things like whether they are up to date with the latest system, have the skill to safely install and clean up after the whole process, can offer sound advice in case things go wrong. Also keep in mind that local companies that operate in your state many have more knowledge in any specific regulations related to your state.

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