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Solar panel systems have risen in popularity over the past few years and this is not surprising considering the amount of benefits they come with. States like Tasmania have made the switch and many people are reaping the benefits of their decision. However for the first time solar panel user, it’s important to understand how things work and what solar system Tasmania is.
Does it have an important role?
Even though Tasmania is not lucky enough to enjoy abundant sunshine compared to the rest of Australia, it is a good place to install solar panels. In fact, Tasmania gets more sunshine compared to what they do in UK. A lot of residents have already made the big switch and this is chiefly due to the financial benefits.
Solar panels can save you a lot on power bills whilst also reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the home’s energy independence. Currently there are over 1 million homes all across Australia who use solar power.

So why is this happening? Due to the following reasons
Even though the main reason for the decrease in prices is due to other factors, government incentives and continued support for this clean technology has also encouraged many businesses and homes to make the switch. State discount schemes decrease the total upfront cost of installing a system while there are ample amounts of consumer buyback schemes from various solar retailers that help you further.
Discounts for every state
For a typical solar panel system under 100 kilowatts, there are government rebates or discounts accessible. People who make the switch around Tasmania will save about 50cents for every watt of installed solar capacity. Businesses and homes who have their solar panels installed by an qualified installer don’t need to follow the long procedure to qualify for this discount as it should typically be added to the cost of installation whilst you sign the agreement with the installation company.

Many energy retailers now offer consumer buyback discounts. According to the state’s solar feed-in tariff, consumers get paid a price which is equivalent to what is we usually pay for retail electricity providers. So if you pay 25 cents for every kilowatt you purchase from a retailer that is what you get back if you solar system produces excess energy which you don’t use. So not only do you not have to pay extremely large amounts to purchase electricity from local retailers but your solar system also get you credits back for extra energy you don’t use. This is a great reassurance for those already considering making the switch.
This bargain won’t last for too long after which the buyback rate will be lowered. This reduction does not mean that people don’t consider solar a worthy investment but it will mean that properties who have solar installed need to be a lot more careful about their usage and try and consume the maximum amount when the solar power is being produced.
Sharp rise in electricity prices
On the other hand there has been a significant drop in the prices of solar panels throughout the country including Tasmania. This gives a chance for households and businesses to make their own electricity using solar power as opposed to using the power from the main grid and paying excess amounts. There has never been a better time to switch to a greener form of energy and make a good decision not only for yourself but also for your planet.

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