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More than 30% of the houses in Brisbane have switched to solar panels which compared to many other states is quite an impressive figure. What are the benefits of making this big switch to solar PV Brisbane? Well, read below and find out.
Why is Brisbane a good place for solar power?
Abundant sunshine means a lot of potential for households in Brisbane to make good use of this resource. On an average, Brisbane get around 4 hours of sunshine which makes it one of Australia’s sunniest cities comparatively. It is also a great place to install and make use of solar PV systems. A normal 1.5 kilowatt system will generate up to 6 or 7 kilowatts per hour of energy every day.
Every household has different demands according to the number of appliances being used or size of the family. If an average house uses around 20 kilowatts per day over the course of a complete year, the home’s energy production would just about be complete using a 5 kilowatt solar system. This is only if all the energy produced by the system is completely utilised without any waste.
When people first consider switching to solar, one of the questions they will ask is whether they want to cover their daily energy usage with their solar system output or just reduce their overall electricity bill. This is a very important decision and it depends on the overall energy usage of the household and how much capital the household has at that particular moment in order to make the big purchase.
Abundant sunshine equals more benefits from the government
Through the renewable energy scheme, the federal government rewards residents with discounts for installing a solar PV system. The amount of the rebate will differ depending on the amount of sunshine a particular region gets. Luckily for residents of Brisbane, it enjoys a relatively sunny climate compared to other states so the discount would be around 70 cents for every watt in the installed capacity.

Solar in Queensland is a good idea even without extra discounts
Queensland has reduced its feed-in-tariff rate which has left many residents wondering if it would still be great to invest in such a big purchase. However the continued reduction in solar panel prices and increase in electricity rates clearly indicate that the switch would definitely be a worthy investment.
It is important to be really careful with your usage and try and maximise it when the solar panels work at their maximum which is usually during the daytime. By doing this you avoid having to pay a lot for expensive energy from the local retailers. Usually when electricity is produced, it flows into the business or house where it is first created with any excess being exported into the grid.
Can energy storage or using batteries be a good option?
A great way to increase self-consumption of solar is by having an energy device installed. Even though it is still not available in Australia, these energy solutions are predicted to become a lot more common in the coming years. Having an energy storage device can possibly increase your energy consumption by more than 50% depending on how you use energy throughout the day and how big the device is.

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