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There is a lot of information now available on the internet for home owners thinking about making the switch to solar. It can be a difficult concept to get your head around at first but this article talks about everything you need to know about solar, how it works and finding the best solar deals South Australia.
It is a good idea to switch to solar if you are in South Australia, provided your household uses up majority of the energy that is generated by the solar panels. This means that you don’t have to buy expensive electricity from the local energy company which leads to lowered power bills. The current solar feed in tariff in South Australia is around 7 cents per kilo watt hour used. This tariff is the payment that retailers must pay to consumers when their solar system produces more electricity than needed. This excess electricity is sent back into the main power grid.

What is solar energy?

This is simply the energy we get from the sun. This energy is usually in the form of radiation from which electricity is generated. Electricity can be generated from PV cells. PV stands for photovoltaic which basically means electric and light. There are cells made from materials which display the photovoltaic effect. This means when the sunlight strikes the PV cell, small particles called photons in light get the electrons excited and cause the electricity to flow.

Solar panels generate electricity when it is most needed – this is usually during the day or during extremely hot days when people use a lot of cooling equipment. Unlike other forms of energy, solar does not produce any emissions. A single megawatt hour of solar power balances around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. There has been a considerable increase in the use of PV panels, both in remote locations and more populated areas like cities, to generate electricity for communities, households and businesses, and to source power for appliances such as water pumps and telecommunication equipment. Most of the solar panel systems around Australia are grid-connected. Similarly, electricity for regional areas or remote communities has been provided by solar energy for a long time. We are lucky enough to be one of the sunniest countries in the world and there is a large possibility of solar PV making the planet a safer place for the future generations.

The current trend in South Australia is that electricity prices have been on a rise whilst the cost of installing solar has reduced considerably over the past few years. By making the switch you can cleverly insulate yourself from extremely high electricity bills, if not whole at least you will get to save a bit. Currently the solar feed in tariff is quite low so it would make more sense for you to use up all the electricity generated by your solar panels as opposed to sending the excess back for a low rate. The market price for solar is quite competitive and there have been quite a lot of solar installers coming up. This means you are in a good position to a get a good price on your system so make the most of this opportunity and avoid paying too much if not needed.
In 2014, the renewable energy target was released. One of the main findings during this review was there was a strong possibility for closing down on small scale energy scheme. However rooftop solar programs will still continue to thrive as normal. So the good news is if you are considering or have been considering the switch to solar, there has never been a better time than now. There are many rebates and discounts from the government encouraging businesses and households to make the switch.

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