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Installing solar panels might not be as exciting as creating an extra room or refurnishing an old room but the benefits come later on. The start-up costs can be really high but you will have made an excellent investment which will continue to give you back by saving you a lot on electricity bills and even paying for it.
It is a good time to switch to solar and there are plenty of Solar deals Melbourne.
Why it is a good time to think About Solar Power?
Solar Panels might be confusing to the first time buyer but that shouldn’t put you off learning more about them and looking at your options. The idea behind its working is fantastic. A machine that stores free sunlight and changes it into energy that helps to power your home and the appliances inside. You will be using a cleaner form of energy and save a lot on your electricity bills.
Only a few years back, solar power was an expensive option which put people off despite its numerous benefits. However recently that has all changed. A lot more people are switching to solar and will continue to do so.
• The cost of solar panels systems has dropped considerably. From between 2011 and 2014 the cost of solar modules from leading solar manufacturers around the world reduced by about 60 percent.
• Government discounts and other offers bring the overall cost down even more. There are many government funded schemes which can cut the cost of a solar power system by 25%, and state and local incentives also reduce the price even more. For example, if you save $2,000 a year on your electricity bill using solar, in less than 10 years, you would get back the money you paid for the solar itself and continue saving even more. If you decide to sell your house, the solar can be a great selling point and increase your property’s worth.
• There are plenty of additional options when it comes to finance that you don’t have to have a lot of money saved up upfront if you do decide to switch to solar. Other options are renting the system as opposed to buying it and still enjoying the numerous benefits like reduced electricity bills and cleaner form of energy. Solar has become a lot more affordable in the last couple of years and a lot of people are taking advantage of the many incentives and discounts.

In certain cases, solar power could completely reduce your electricity bill whilst in other cases; the solar panels will simply reduce the cost of your bill between 15% and 40%. Solar panels are not useful during the night so you might still need to use energy from you local utility company unless you have solar batteries to store extra power. How you pay for the system and how your house is set up will take into account how much you save.
Even though Melbourne might not be as sunny as some other states like Queensland, this is not a cause for concern. Even cooler areas like Melbourne and Tasmania can reap the benefits of using solar since these systems can even store sunlight spread out in clouds and not just direct sunlight. It might be hard to believe but solar panels work a lot better in colder temperatures compared to extreme heat. The amount of money you save by utilising the sun’s power solely depends on your location, how much energy you currently consume, how you pay for the system and for how long you plan on living in your current property.

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