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Switching to solar comes with numerous benefits. You can reduce your electricity bills drastically, help save the environment and add great value to your home in case you ever decide to sell it in the future. Read below on how to find the best solar company Adelaide.
Great investment and add value to your home
Not only will you be making a great investment, but you will also be adding value to your property.
Reduce your electricity bills
The electricity prices in South Australia have been on a sharp rise in the past few years. To avoid paying too much for your electricity bills, a lot of people have made the switch to solar.
In addition to that, South Australia also has a feed in tariff scheme where you’ll get back 5 cents for every kilowatt per hour extra electricity produced by your system which is then transported to the main power grid.
Solar Power Adelaide
In order to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your solar power system, you have to go for the highest quality installers. They need to be highly trained and have ample experience in installing solar panels. Read reviews on the company’s website or if possible discuss with the customers of the company to get an understanding of their work ethic and their reputation in the industry.
How they work?
Solar Panels are located to make the most of the sun and reduce shade. The best position for your solar panel would be a north facing roof. Safety switches and inverters are installed in certain positions that would protect them from harsh weather conditions. Areas like garage, laundry or a covered outdoor enclosure would work best.
Using Solar in South Australia is a good idea when your household uses most of the power produced by the solar panels – which means you no longer have to buy that electricity from your local energy company which means reduced power bills. Currently the solar feed in tariff in South Australia is the 5.3 cents for every Kilo watt per hour. This is payback for the excess electricity the solar system transfers back into the electricity grid that energy companies must pay to owners of solar systems.
Electricity bills are expected to rise in the coming years. By opting for a solar installation, you can efficiently avoid from paying too much on electricity bills, at the least you will end up saving a lot. The benefit of having a solar system is determined by a few factors.
These include:
• how much electricity your property ends up using
• the size of your particular solar system ( including number of solar panels)
• Your pattern of electricity usage ( peak and off peak hours of usage)
Considering Solar Panels? – Think about the following before making the big switch.
When you decide to purchase a solar system, you have to make sure you do thorough research before deciding on one product. There have been many cases of high pressure solar sales companies who charge double the market price but fail to offer any additional benefits such as improved quality, excellent customer service or longer warranties.
It is vital that you use common sense before purchasing anything that sounds too good to be true. Get all the terms and conditions in written form and any offers or discounts must also be put in writing so this way, the company cannot change anything after you have made the purchase as you have proof of what you were offered when you first agreed to the deal.

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