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Australia is the land of abundant sunshine. And Melbourne has the most ideal temperatures compared to many other states. Read below to know more about what solar is and how to find good solar panel deals Melbourne.
Our greatest natural resource is the Sun and Australia is lucky enough to have one of the best solar power abilities in the world. This means switching to solar is the best solution possible when compared to other energy saving methods.
During the daylight hours, solar power helps supply a house or factory to run appliances inside. This is a great alternative to using power from an energy company. Through regular monitoring and careful use, you can make the most of your solar powered device.
What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is form of energy source that does not run out when used. These include biomass, wind and solar. For a long time, people have preferred using traditional forms of energy sources such as coal and gas as they were much easier to obtain.
However, currently renewable energy has created a lot of interest among the average Australian, as they have now realised the significant benefits to our health and environment not to mention the savings on our utility bills.
While each type of renewable energy source comes with its own benefit, the factor that they all have in common is the same; Australia is the proud owner of a vast supply of renewable energy – and the good news is it won’t run out. In 2013 almost 15% of Australia’s electricity came from renewable sources, which was adequate enough to power up to 4 million individual households.

Comparing solar to other sources of energy
The remarkable global uptake of solar has seen per kW costs plunge for both household and commercial entities.
While we understand the requirement for a secure power infrastructure which is currently supported by the coal power plants here in Australia, we also recognise the need for the transition process to renewable energy that doesn’t rely on declining resources. The popularity of renewable energy sources is now a lot higher than it used to be.
Coal is widely known for its health implications. Nuclear facilities have gone through two global disasters which remain fresh in the minds of those who lost loved ones and oil leaks into our oceans are a common occurrence.
Whilst the price of investing in a solar powered system continues to drop, the cost of obtaining power from coal continues to go through the ceiling. On the other hand, solar power has been paying off investors back in record time, meaning that with time they are becoming one of the lowest costing energy sources to use. When you see popular corporations Apple and Google go solar, you know there is more to renewable energy than just being environmentally safe.
A solar paneled system works in order to reduce those expensive energy bills that keep piling up by reducing your need to use power from energy companies. This gives you the chance to use clean energy made from easy to maintain solar power systems. By fitting a system on your roof, the panels can make the maximum use of the sun and produce the adequate power needed to run your house.
Australia has the highest solar radiation for every square metre of any other continent, making it an excellent solar resource. Switching to solar can save you hundreds of dollars every quarter. Energy prices have risen considerably in the last five years. Solar systems have gone down in price in the last two years as technology continues to advance. It is a well-known fact that burning fossil fuels harms our environment.

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