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If you are in Tasmania and plan on switching to solar, there are a few things you must know before your big switch. Things like how the equipment works and how it can benefit your business or home. The number of solar panel installations in the country including Tasmania has hit the roof in recent years. Many people have started looking at solar panels as a big investment rather than an expensive purchase which was the case just a few years ago.
This article discusses the trends and relating factors that increased the demand for solar panels and gives some advice on how to choose from the different solar panel installers and their prices. It will give you an idea on how to compare Solar Systems Tasmania
The switch to solar: Is it worth it?
Even though Tasmania might not be as lucky as the rest of Australia when it comes to receiving plenty of sunshine, it is still a great place to have solar panels installed and has a lot more sunshine compared to many other countries like UK. Countless Tasmanians have already made the switch to solar, and this happens to be primarily for monetary reasons.
Solar power systems not only help with increasing a house’s energy independence but also help to reduce the carbon footprint and save the owners a lot of money on utility bills. It is due to these profits that Australia now has more than 1 million homes with solar power. The top 2 reasons why this is the case is given below in detail.
State grants for solar and Tasmania’s policy for people who switch to solar.
Even though the decline in prices of solar panels have occurred due to various other reasons which include; Increase in the manufacturing processes in countries like China, Cost reduction in silicon processing and Government enticements and other support to the public these are all reasons why there is a sudden increase in the number of solar panels in so many Australian businesses and households. In Tasmania, federal enticements reduce the overall cost of installing a solar powered system; while a substantial solar power scheme by a reputed Solar Energy Company can help to support the use of solar power in the state.
State solar discounts
State government rebates for solar panel installation; in other words known as discounts are available for any systems under 100kW in capacity. In other words, business and homes will be able to save around 55 cents per watt through this arrangement.
Businesses or Households who have installed a solar system through a well-qualified solar installer typically don’t follow the lengthy procedure in order to qualify for this discount, as it is normally added straight to the cost of installing a system by the firm who organizes the installation.
Currently there are no rebate schemes in Tasmania but that does not reduce the worthiness of switching to solar. This will however mean that households and businesses that do install systems will need to be extra cautious about when they use their electricity trying to use it during its peak power generation.
Significant rise in electricity prices in recent times
While there has been a significant rise in the price of electricity bills, there has been a sharp decrease in the price of solar panels. This is prevalent all over the country including Tasmania.
The more the purchase cost of electricity from the grid is, the more it makes sense for people to make their own, and it is now the best time for homeowners to switch to solar and generate your own power.

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