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Over the past few years, Solar panels have been proven to be a common asset in Queensland. The economics related to solar panel installation in Queensland are still convincing in spite of the many changes brought in by the new rule; a growing number of homes and a large number of businesses are looking into going solar as the perfect way to cut costs on utility bills.
But the questions to ask are should you invest in one and how to be sure you get the best solar panel deals in Brisbane?
There are basically 3 reasons for the current level of popularity that solar panels enjoy in Queensland:
• Firstly, Queensland is correctly named the Sunshine state as it is home to some of the country’s most sunlit areas. The amount of sunshine a particular area gets has a direct impact on the hypothetical maximum limit for the amount of power that an individual solar panel can yield. More sun means more solar energy, which therefore means you will be able to save more on your utility bills.
• Secondly, the price for solar panel installation has fallen hugely in the past few years, thanks to various different factors. The price for a solar system also varies from state to state.
• Last but not least, the price of electricity is rising across the state, and homeowners and businesses want to reduce them in any way possible. Together with being energy efficient and monitoring power usage on a regular basis, installing solar panels in Queensland is one of the ideal ways to go about reducing the amount of power purchased from electricity companies.
The above three factors clearly show that solar panels give a great yield if invested correctly by the chosen household or business. The annual returns are usually over 10% which is a lot better than interest rates from most banks for opening a standard savings bank account.

Should you invest in solar panels in Queensland?
Ever since the state has reduced the feed-in rate system, the situation with changing to solar is different from what it was beforehand. The sections of the population for whom solar panels were considered a good investment are now getting smaller.
To get the most benefits from Solar panels, it is important that you use the energy whilst it is being produced so this means it is mostly during the daytime so it would suit a business that works during the morning or households with occupants during the daytime hours. The government is offering 8c for every kilowatt/hour of power that is transferred to the main grid. Since this is a temporary offering, any Queensland business or home would be wise to use as much as power as possible to make use of this offer.
How to make the most use of having Solar panels in Queensland?
To be completely certain that you get the most benefit of having a solar panel in Queensland, it is important to measure the power used as much as you can directly with the solar energy production. The quantity of power being generated by a solar panel at any given time depends on the where the sun in the sky at any given time.
The sunlight is lot weaker during the morning and evening and is the strongest between 11 am and 2 pm. When measuring the solar energy, it is tabled up in a measurement known as the peak sun hours. It makes sense to increase the energy usage when the sun is at its strongest and slowly reduce the usage when the sun begins to go down.

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