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Many Melburnians are now considering switching to solar as it is a more renewable and cleaner form of energy. It can also help in reducing the energy bills immensely. In order to make the best choice and get one of the best solar deals in Melbourne, it is important to understand what it is that you are signing up to. Take the time to carefully research the product and individual supplier before agreeing to a contract. Not all systems are priced the same and if you decide to go with an expensive product without prior checking, any problems in the future can really add up with the total cost making the overall cost much higher than expected.
Before you buy a solar panel system, there are a few things that should be done:
Do some research?
• Read up on local energy related websites and publications
• Look up guides on buying a solar panel
• Look up the essential certifications needed to identify the genuine products from the fake one.
• Talk to your energy company, most importantly find out about the rates for the electricity that is drawn and put back in the grid.
Go Shopping
Done all the reading related to buying a solar panel? Good, but don’t sign a contract with the first company that offers you a good price. Take some time and shop around to find the better offer.
Before signing on the dotted line, do the following:
• Check that the terms and conditions cited on the contract match what the salesperson discussed with you.
• Ensure the contract states a delivery date and the resulting action if the delivery date is not met.
• Make sure to go over and understand the warranty conditions.
• Ensure you know the dealer’s procedure regarding repairs.
• Discuss the amount needed for a deposit.
Basics of solar panel systems
Solar panel, also known as a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, uses sunlight to produce electricity which helps to power appliances around the house.
A typical solar panel system installed in Melbourne will generate approximately a third of the normal household’s day-to-day energy consumption. This might reduce the amount of electricity you are able to use so you will need to get the remaining electricity from the state electricity grid.
However, sometimes you might be producing more electricity than you need, for example on a sunny day; no one is home so the total energy use is low. You can gain returns for feeding the extra electricity back into the gird when the energy consumption is low.
How much electricity a solar panel generates depends on many different factors which include the climate, the angle and the size of the individual panels and where they are installed? You should look into all these factors before you think about installing a solar panel system.
What to do in case you need help?
• If you have a problem with a solar product such as a faulty inverter, chat to a salesperson or the company directly.
• If you have a problem with the overall service or installation of the device, chat to the person who installed your device or ask to speak to anyone in the installation department of the company
• Some companies have a survey to evaluate their service or a person might come in after a certain time has passed to check on the device and see if it’s functioning properly. This is a good time to discuss any concerns you may have.
Switching to a solar panel system can be a big decision so it is absolutely essential that you do thorough research and weigh up the various factors that come into play when you decide to go ahead.

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