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Living off the grid? Solar is your answer to reliable power

If you live off the main electrical grid, you know how difficult it is getting cost-effective and reliable power. If you’ve looked at every option and hit a dead end, there is a solution.

Imagine if you could install one unit and have it take care of all your power needs? Solar panels and inverters can effectively and positively solve your off-grid energy problems. With a solar panel system, you’ll never have to pay someone else for power ever again!

A common misconception is that solar panels stop working at night or during low-light situations such as overcast and stormy conditions. Not true: our solar panels store all the power you need for the night and recharge during the day.

All our solar panels are friendly to the environment and produce no chemical or toxic by-products whatsoever. It’s clean, it’s green and it saves you money.


Our units are given the Energy Smart 25 year guarantee

If you live off the grid, one of the top concerns is reliability. We deliver a 25 year guarantee on all the solar panels and inverters we sell and install, so you can be assured you are getting the dependability that comes with quality.

Energy Smart only use the top of the line micro monitored inverter systems. All our products are thoroughly tested to withstand even the most punishing conditions such as heat, frost and storms.

Once our expertly trained and experienced installers set your system up, you can “set and forget” – as they work without your intervention and require almost no maintenance.

Get a government rebate and pay less

Energy Smart’s team of friendly consultants are experts in finding government renewable and clean energy offers and rebates. We want to ensure you pay the absolute lowest price on a unit that will provide you, your family or your business with low-cost and dependable solar power for years and years to come.

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Off Grid solar panels – Reliable energy anywhere!

If your home is not connected to a power grid, then it is likely difficult for you to get reliable, cheap power. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Solar power is a great way to save yourself money over the long term while providing a power source for your home that does not give off dangerous emissions. It’s cheap, renewable energy straight from the sun that does not come with the burden of a monthly electric bill.

Using solar energy gives you a way to produce your own power independent of any communal power supply. You will no longer have to rely on someone else for your energy needs.

Fortunately, solar energy is not the costly endeavor it once was. A government rebate program greatly reduces the initial cost of the installation and the price of the system.

Most solar power systems store energy when they are not being used, so even at night, you will have a full supply of power to tap into. On top of that, solar panel systems operate silently and require very little maintenance.

At Energy Smart we have the solar power system that is right for you. No matter your location or your power needs, we can provide them, and we are ready to get you started right now!

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