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All over the world people are seeing how installing solar panels on their home or business can be a boon to their electric bill. It can also be a great way to reduce your effect on the environment and help promote a greener power usage plan

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    We stand behind our quality products and service. Energy Smart puts a premium on your satisfaction.

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    We stand behind our quality products and service. Energy Smart puts a premium on your satisfaction.

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    We stand behind our quality products and service. Energy Smart puts a premium on your satisfaction.

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What Is A Solar Panel?

As we all know, solar energy originates from the sun. Solar panels also identified as PV panels are used to convert the light energy from sun which is comprised of microscopic particles known as photons into electricity which in turn is used to power electrical loads.
Solar panels have a wide range of uses such as powering remote systems for remote sensing, cabins or telecommunications equipment and most importantly for electricity production in commercial and residential areas.
Given below is a short background on solar panel and its related benefits. Things like how they work and how they create electricity and how to install one on your property will be discussed.

Going back in time: History of solar panels

Solar energy has been used as an energy source since 100 years ago. In the early days, it was mainly used to produce steam which in turn was used to power machines. But it wasn’t until a French physicist by the name of Henri Becquerel revealed the photovoltaic effect that we came to know that solar energy could also be used to power households and other appliances. This discovery then led to the development of the first solar cell in 1893 which was produced by a thin layer of gold coating sheets made of selenium. And thus the solar panel was born.
Today, solar panels are widely used and help to power everything from houses, large corporate offices, machinery and even remote housing. Solar panels are also used in calculators in the form of solar cells. The use of this multitasking invention is almost endless and the good thing is that the energy derived is renewable and clean.

How do they Work?

Solar panels

A Solar panel accumulates clean energy, which is also renewable in the form of sunlight and turns that into electricity which is then used to supply power into electrical loads. These devices are made up of several individual solar cells which are themselves made up of different layers of silicon, boron ,which gives the positive charge and phosphorous ,which gives the negative charge.
A solar paneled device absorbs the photons and therefore starts an electric current. The subsequent energy produced from the photons hitting the solar panel surface free the electrons from their atomic orbits and into the electric field which is generated by the solar cells which then steer these free electrons into a directional current. This completes the process which is known as the Photovoltaic Effect.
A regular household usually has adequate roof area for the minimum number of solar panels to produce enough electricity to supply all of its power needs. Any excess electricity generated is stored in the main power grid which can be used to power lights and appliances during the night when there is no sun.
The Benefits

Solar Panels Systems

Incorporating solar panels into our daily life is a very practical way to generate electricity for many uses. Obviously to make use of this is that you will have to live in a remote location also known as living off-grid. These areas are not serviced by the main electric utility companies. Cabins and homes in remote locations benefit nicely from solar power systems.
Apart from the fact that solar panels make it easier to live in remote locations, the most important thing to remember is that you will enjoy clean energy that is also renewable. With climate change becoming a critical issue in the last few years, it is important that we do anything and everything possible to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and their resulting effects on our atmosphere.
Lastly, once you have paid of the initial amount for the solar panel installation, the electricity It produces for the remainder of the particular systems lifespan which might be anywhere from 15 to 20 years is completely free. So you can be assured that you are making a good investment if and when you decide to switch to solar.

Solar panels, Energy Smart

Energysmart – Solar Panel Specialists

All over the world people are seeing how installing solar panels on their home or business can be a boon to their electric bill. It can also be a great way to reduce your effect on the environment and help promote a greener power usage plan. Let’s take a moment to see how commercial solar energy works and some of the benefits it can give to you.

Solar Panels Systems

How do they work? They provide power by absorbing and storing the sun’s energy in photo-voltaic cells. Different systems allow for differing lengths of storage (some requiring that you use the energy immediately), but they all function on the same concept. They convert the sun’s rays into usable energy and power your electrical devices.

Solar panels are often installed on the roof of your structure. Great natural energy can be absorbed there and used to maximize your energy output.

It is easier than ever to shop for them. You can even do it from the comfort of your home computer. Most companies that sell natural power systems online will let you get quotes before you commit to buying anything. We also work with Gryphon Solar and

Be sure to shop around and get those quotes to help you determine the best ones for your money. Most companies will install the solar panels for you, so be sure to check and make sure a licensed professional is doing the work. In some countries, having your solar panels installed by a licensed installer can get you tax credits from the government.>

Natural Power Working for You and through

Quality Energy Systems

Power systems can be a great way to save money over the long run. The initial investment on installation can be costly, but renewable energy credits can help cut those costs immensely.

Governments in most first-world countries offer tax rebates and credits for people who supplement most or all of their power sources with renewable energy. This applies to private homeowners and those who run a business. Governments want to see people convert to renewable energy to help cut back on harmful emissions. You get to reap the benefits.

Quality Solar panels

It will still take some time to recoup the initial costs of the investment, and your costs will depend on the size of the setup you are installing. But month to month you will be earning back on your investment by receiving a reduced electric bill. If you are converting your power supply entirely over to a system, then you may not have an electric bill at all.

Renewable energy Systems

Some people have even seen a credit on their electric account because they are producing more energy than they can use. That surplus energy goes back into the grid and can help out the electric company. In return, many of them help you as well through

Benefits of Using renewable

One of the best benefits, however, is the effect the energy source has on the environment. Using energy instead of traditional power sources can reduce carbon emissions and harmful gasses and create a cleaner more breathable environment. Energy Smart

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